Call for Partnerships

TASIWA works hand in hand with key potential stakeholders such as Local Government, private and public institutions, Central government, National and International CSOs, International organs, individuals and the community at large to meet the organization goals. However, TASIWA Calls for Partnership as follows:

i) Call for Health Development Partners with like-minded capacity for organizational development and funding supports for project implementation.

ii) Call for volunteers and internships from local and international with vast wealth of skills on ICT, project managements, mass communication, public health, children with disabilities, and other related skills.

iii) Calls for Institutional cooperation and partnership for joint project implementation.

iv) Call for SCD-based networks engagements which fostering and strengthening organizational capacity.

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Tanzania Sickle Cell Warriors Organization known by its abbreviated form as TASIWA is a Non-Government Organization, based in Mwanza, Tanzania. It was established and registered in August 2019 under the NGO Act No: 24 of 2002, as amended in 2005 with Registration Number 00NGO/R/0435 to operate in Tanzania Mainland. It is working to promote education and awareness on sickle cell disease, provides new hopes to the families affected sickle cell disease and create forums to air the problems of sickle cell disease.

Furthermore, TASIWA devoted to contributing towards prevention, care and effective management to the sickle cell patients and the community at large. This is done by providing guidance and counselling, support and education to the patients suffering from complications associated with sickle cell disease and the society, assisting patients with psychosocial complications, decreasing stigmatization and other problems of such kinds surrounding sickle cell disease. TASIWA works with local partners, government agencies, philanthropists, medical centers, dispensaries and universities, research institutions, civil society organizations, private companies and other stakeholders to address sickle cell disease in Tanzania.

However, for the past four (4) years; TASIWA has worked hard to fully establish itself advocacy and raise awareness on sickle cell disease. It has successfully promoted awareness on sickle cell disease and mobilize the community through different outreaching programs that were prepared so as to reach the community on educating as well as screening.

While we have been fruitful with our past efforts in a quite significant part of Mwanza region, we realize that, there is much more work to be done in the rest of other parts of Tanzania, where the statistics show that, more than 11,000 infants are born with sickle cell in Tanzania annually.

Therefore, we believe education as the best solution in the fight against sickle cell disease especially, in the reduction of the number of SCD new born. In addition to that, Marian Wright Edelman says, “…education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and the world better than you found.” Hence, more education is required in order to devastate the effects that, the disease has in our society and the current inadequacies in its detection, prevention and management.