Core Activities

1. Promotion of Education and Awareness

TASIWA in partnership with medical centers has developed different campaigns on SCD. The campaigns based on promoting SCD education and awareness in order to overcome its impacts to the social and economic wellbeing of the country.


i) Giving understanding of SCD to the community

ii) Mobilizing the community to test their genotypes

iii)Holding community dialogues on the SCD through different channels

iv) Conducting advocacy campaigns aiming to eradicate misconceptions and stigmas associated with SCD

v) Establishment and strengthening SCD clubs at primary, secondary, and university level as peer educators on SCD, and self-resilience skills.

vi) Engaging with school administration, and parents on giving care to the SCPs.

2. SCD Socio-economic empowerment for SCPs

TASIWA believes in empowering families with SCD as a way of bringing new hopes within the community being affected; once families empowered economically, other aspects such as education, health and other benefits for SCPs will be granted and sustained.


i) Supporting SCPs to access the required medical services

ii) Managing medical treatments and other care cost through various economic empowerment measures

iii) Engaging establishment of small business for the SCPs so as empower them financially

3. Advocacy and Blood Drive

TASIWA conducts advocacy campaigns focused on breaking down negative impacts and social stigmas that have been rooted towards SCD/or SCPs. TASIWA has partnership with Medical Centers that helps it to play great roles on blood drive where blood donation and blood transfusion are conducted for the purpose of serving the people’s lives, particularly SCPs across the country.


i) Conducting community-focused campaigns aims to give out awareness on SCD

ii) Holding local advocacy and sensitization meeting with duty bearer on effective observations SCPs.

iii) Holding Monitoring Government Expenditures on child with disabilities and child-girl education.

iv) Conducting blood screening programs that helps much to identify genotypes and SCPs/Carriers

v) Documenting the best practices on SCPs aspects.