1.0 Membership Qualifications.

Membership is open to any person who has the following qualifications: -

a) Sickle cell patients or has traits of the disease.

b) Parents or family member of patients with Sickle cell.

c) They must be citizens of the United Republic of Tanzania.

d) Their age must be above 18 years.

e) They should not have been convicted for any criminal offence for a sentence exceeding one year.

2.0 Types of Members.

TASIWA members are categorized as follows: -
2.1.1. Founder Members

a) These are the individuals who have established the organization; and their names appear on the minutes of the first meeting that established the organization.

2.1.2. Ordinary Members

a) These are individuals who have fulfilled all conditions as provided in section 1.0 (a – e) herein.

2.1.3. Honorary Members

a) These are distinguished individuals who contribute significantly their time, resources and their expertise in the struggle against Sickle Cell disease.

b) They will be elected by the Board of Directors of the organization.

c) They will have no voting rights.

3.0 Membership Rights

a) The rights to enjoy all services rendered to members of the organization

b) The rights to elect or elected in accordance with the provisions of this constitutions.

c) The right to access information about the affairs of the organization

d) The right to receive annual and other reports of the organization

e) The right to participate fully and freely in the activities and affairs of the organization.

f) The right to receive publications about the organization

g) The right to be heard during disciplinary processes.

4.0 Member’s Duties and Responsibilities

Every member of TASIWA must have the following duties and responsibilities;

a) To adhere to the TASIWA constitution, rules, regulations and decisions made by Annual General Meetings or Board of the Directors.

b) To pay subscriptions and other fees within prescribed time.

c) To implement all activities assigned to them by the organization as per the instructions given.

d) To be faithful, loyal and dutiful in promoting the image and the objectives of the organization.

e) To attend all meetings of the organization.